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Aerotow conversion

We are able to offer aerotow conversion training to suitably qualified club members. At present you need to be at least Club Pilot rated plus a minimum of 10 hours to do an aerotow conversion in a club. Seventeen hang glider pilots have trained with us since 2018 and we currently (2023) have another two undertaking their training. Contact us if you are interested.

Aerotow experience tandem flight

We are now able to offer tandem aerotow flights to people who are interested in experiencing hang gliding with a view to learning. On a tandem flight you will be with an experienced pilot who will fly the hang glider as it is towed up. The experience of flying at over 1000ft above East Anglia is not to be missed and will help you determine whether hang gliding is for you!

Learn to hang glide

Cambridge Aerotow Club is not a school and cannot offer lessons. However, we have teamed up with “redkite” and Tony Smith who is qualified to instruct new, ab initio pilots.  New pilots are able to fly with Tony aboard a dual glider for their initial training.  This will allow them to gain an understanding of how to control the glider in the air and on aerotow.  New pilots will still be required to attend a school for training as a solo pilot, but the amount of time spent at the school is reduced since the rudimentaries of flying have already been learnt. If you would like more information on the service offered by Tony, please use the contact form or click here 

Disabled pilots

Many people may think that flying hang gliders is impossible for people with disabilities. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are working with Flyability to help disabled people experience hang gliding, and to help suitably qualified disabled pilots to aerotow.

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