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Full Syndicate Member

Providing spaces are available, new members may apply to join the Syndicate by contacting the Club Chairman. Syndicate member liabilities are defined in the Club's constitution. The cost of annual membership and share price is pre-defined by the Club Committee.

Visiting Day Member

Visiting pilots may purchase Visitor Day membership, which costs £30 per pilot for the first day, £40 for the second day in the same calendar year, £50 for the third day etc. The first tow up to a maximum of 2000' is included in this fee. If you enjoyed the Club and would like to do more frequent flying with us, an application for Full Syndicate membership would be encouraged.

Proof of current BHPA membership, rating, address and contact details must be shown to the Chairman, Chief Aerotow Coach or Safety Officer prior to flying. It is recommended visitors contact the Club Chairman before flying as he may be able to offer further information about special conditions and requirements for the day. It is strongly advised that basebar wheels be fitted when aerotowing and the Safety Officer may refuse flying if they are not in place!

Flight fees

In addition to the above membership fees, all flights are charged for in £7.50 per 1000' tow increments. All visitor and flight fees must be paid up before leaving on the day of flying.

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